The art of giving gifts

Surveysshow that a lot of Corporate Gifts are given to the main customers followed by workers and then potential customers. The gifts could be as a form of showing gratitude to loyal customers or appreciating hard working employees for working overtime. In spite of the fact that gifts are given with no expectations in return unlike incentives, it is still an important way of marketing the company.

Finding the perfect gift

1. Conducting research

There is concrete evidence proving that giving out gifts increased the companies’ operations, nonetheless, it is still important to conduct more research in order to discover useful information that is specific to your business plans that will help in giving out appropriate gifts that will help the business grow.

2. Differentiating between gifts and incentives

Planning to hand out gifts is more effective compared to incentives even though the receivers are the same. Incentives are rewards for defined goals; giving incentives may be harmful as the recipients will feel like they are being bribed to achieve certain goals while giving out gifts shows that an individual is genuinely appreciated for their hard work.

3. Ethical giving

Previous to sending a gift, it is imperative to be aware of the policies a company has in regard to gifts. Some organizations especially the ones that deal with finance, medicine or insurance bar all gifts. So asking the intended recipient on whether their company allows receiving of gifts is important before sending gifts.

4. Gift appropriateness.

Gifts should be given in accordance with the type of business relations. If a customer is distant and extremely professional, do not attempt to try to get him or her to loosen up because things could go wrong. Starting new associations should also not get too personal by generously sending gifts to the recipient as it will seem as if you are bribing them with Corporate Gifts.

What to gift

· Food stuffs are the most used gifts; they are perfect for holidays because they can be enjoyed by family and friends.

· Office items such as pens, markers are also suitable gifts

· Gift cards are also a nice way of showing the recipients that you are thinking of them

· Tickets to concerts or sporting events are great gifts because you are giving the recipients a chance to attend functions that they enjoy